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Private Parties
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Mission: To lead a unified church in developing a perpetual intercessory prayer, organise..

                                 schedule and provide general leadership for all church prayer activities.


To bring forth bold, focused and interceding warriors in prayer that continually watch over the church and its members against spiritual warfare - through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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The Music Ministry is dedicated to the promotion of musical excellence and diversity in order to glorify our Lord Jesus. 

Recognizing that we are created to worship and each talent that we have is a gift from God, we will gratefully use these to serve as a light to usher the people into Gods’ holy presence and experience His goodness.

A ministry that usher people into God's presence thereby hearing God's voice and finding their respective calling.

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IT and Multimedia

Establish and maintain the digital/online presence of LJC and leverage the use of current technology in promoting the Gospel.


Aims to connect with people whose lives are technology-infused.

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Youth (KYC-BIG)

Know Your Christianity. Be In God.

This is more than just a youth group - it is a movement and a lifestyle. Tight-knit like brothers and sisters, we celebrate God's gift of salvation in every way and share this wonderful gift to every person we meet.


We promote love, faith and hope and make Jesus' name more famous than anyone else in this world.

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Sounds & Lights

To compliment and fill the needs of the Music ministry and the church overall regarding sound engineering, safety, and stage presentation.

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Creative Arts

Meeting the needs of church for creative looks and feel of videos, environments, venues, and special numbers to create an atmosphere reflecting God’s creativity.

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Ensure that men will be lovers of the Word of God before they can be lovers of the work of God.

Promote discipleships to men in the church in line with vision and overall vision of LJC so that Men are effective leaders in their own family first before can be effective outside leaders.

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Ensuring that women will be lovers of the Word of God before they can be lovers of the work of God.

Promote events and ministries of the women’s ministry through personal contact, emails, brochures, signs, displays, artwork and photos.

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Childrens (LJC Kids)

The Children’s ministry is dedicated to knowing God and making God be known in the lives of young children.

As the youngest group, we recognise that learning how to love, glorify, and serve God is the most important part of their development.
As their teachers and role models, we are devoted to helping children learn how to be in God, so that they can move on to knowing their Christianity.

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Audio / Visual

Strive for excellence in fusing the God’s Love through media, to form an environment that encourages people into a growing relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Purpose: To be a mission mover, to gather as God’s people an will become a growing church where all ages can grow in faith and receive spiritual support. 

Vision: To see the people saved and transformed in every nation's community.


Mission: To see LJC mission team reaching the unreached people.

Interested in joining a ministry? Contact us!

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Strive to greet and usher each person entering the church in a way that will make that person feels highly welcomed.

Enter to worship.
Depart to serve.

Corporate Events
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